Mixed recycling

Our materials recycling facilities can separate mixed recyclables to save you space, time and hassle

We can help you recycle quickly and easily.

Our commingled recycling collection service means that you can put your cardboard, paper and plastic bottles all in one bin and we will separate it out at one of our advanced materials recycling facilities (MRFs).

Before we do anything, we will talk to you to find out exactly what materials you need to dispose of, what volume material you are producing and how much space you have on site for containers.

We can then advise on the most cost-effective recycling solution that will meet your individual requirements as well as ensuring that you are compliant with the latest legislation.

To speak to one of our experienced advisors call us on 0345 3000307.

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Materials Recycling Facilities

With our network of advanced materials recycling facilities, we have the experience and capability to sort a variety of waste streams.

Using automated technology we can recover a high proportion of quality recyclate that will be reprocessed into new products.

For more information download our brochure.

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