Foods and organics

Waste food and organics can be transformed into a fantastic compost product

Transforming food and organic waste into compost is the epitome of the circular economy.

We work with businesses of all sizes which produce food and/or green waste. From peelings from renowned restaurants to the turf cuttings of premiership football stadiums we are able to create a fantastic compost product

In Scotland, businesses producing over 50kg of food and organic waste per week must recycle it (over 5kg from January 2016). We can help businesses in Scotland and across the UK to achieve their aim of zero waste by providing a simple and reliable service.  


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We compost over 400,000 tonnes of green and organic waste every year

Your food and organic waste has the potential to be used to produce compost or agricultural products.

We are an experienced processor of food and organic waste and much of our compost is accredited to the national BSI PAS 100 composting quality assurance standard, certified by the Association for Organics Recycling. 

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